What Is Lidar Detection? – Renan Tech.com

Let’s get started with Lidar technology. Lidar is a shorthand for Light Detection as well as Ranging. Lidar is a distant sensing technology that is used for measuring distances. It cannot operate independently. Lidar comprises three independent operating technologies.

GPS (also called the Global Positioning System) is among the operational independent technologies Lidar utilizes. This system gives the location of the equipment that are holding the lidar sensor including an airplane.

Another independently operating technology is Inertia. It is an IMU system, also known as an Inertia device used to measure roll, pitch and direction. You could mount it on any mobile platform including a vehicle that is on the road, or the tripod of a terrestrial-mounted lidar system.

Lidar surveying is considered to be the most effective technology because it can map the bare earth beneath vegetation better than other techniques can.

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