Ultimate Guide to Methadone Treatment – FNBWB

The drug cription belongs to a category of medications known as opioids. Since the last forty years, it’s been effective in treating addiction to opioids. Opioids are depressant drugs that can slow the flow information between the brain and body. When it comes to medical pharmacotherapy, doctors who prescribe methadone will recommend it as an alternative for heroin or other opioids. Individuals who have become dependent on heroin or other opioids can get back on track by making the switch to the prescription medication.

Methadone treatment has two main goals: choosing the right dose and constricting cravings. When people stop taking illegal opioids, this helps people regain their quality of life. This treatment does not give people a high. Methadone therapy is distinct in every state. Healthcare professionals manage the administration, prescriptions, as well as the ongoing use. When someone chooses to quit using illicit opioids, they consult with their medical professional to decide on the ideal methadone dosage. The “stabilization time” will take about two weeks. It is essential that patients refrain from driving heavy equipment or operate any motor vehicle for the duration of the stabilization period. This allows their body to adapt to the medication.