The Top 9 All Around Home Repair Projects to Get Done Before Your Vacation – Summer Travel Tips

Before leaving, you should inspect the HVAC system before leaving. An early inspection will give you ample time to make the required repairs or maintenance actions based on the recommendations from your HVAC technician. It’s especially important to fix the problem with a thermostat that is malfunctioning. Alternately, consider installing an intelligent thermostat. The type of thermostat you choose is perfect for those going on vacation because it enables you to choose the ideal temperature.

Your HVAC thermostat are required to be in full operation. This allows you to maintain indoor air quality, desired temperature , and energy bills at a manageable degree. It’s not advised to switch off your HVAC in the event that you’re away especially during winter when your chances of pipes burst or freezing rise. You can lower the cost of energy by keeping your HVAC system checked regularly. The HVAC system is going to use less energy when operating at its peak performance. While at it, make sure that the vents for heating are clean to allow for proper circulation of air conditioning.

Have Your Septic Tank Its Tank Pumped

According to Bob Vila, it’s necessary for your septic tank to be frequently pumped, but it varies depending on the family size (it’s generally every three to 5 years). If you’re planning to have septic tank pumping before going to vacation, especially during extended trips where the duration of your stay is more than a month. Remember, your septic tank includes a vibrant community of microbes that break down solids that are a part of the water you drink from your wastewater. After the bacteria have broken down these solids, the remaining particles settle down at the bottom where they develop into a solid sludge. The sludge is likely to build as time passes and tanks must be empty to stop it from filling up.

One of the main reasons you need to get your septic cleaned is because the microbiome and enzymes within will continue to thrive in the event of ever-growing amounts of trash which must be eliminated. Additionally, when you flush wat