Sewer Line Installation Instructions In Bakersfield – Work Flow Management

The video shows the installation of sewer pipes in Bakersfield, including caving and trenching. Below is a brief explanation of the process , which is based off the footage.

The excavation along the line of trench is the initial phase of the installation of the sewer line. Prior to digging, calculations should be made about slope, elevation and the thickness of the pipe that will be laid. This can be accomplished by using excavators to lower the dirt in the truck storage containers. After the road is built to a sufficient length, the engineers then move to pipelaying. This involves the laying of pipes and first laying an sand bed. The video shows that two different sets of pipes exist. One includes an O-ring label in the pipe before applying application of lubricant.

The method is tested by a functional test , when it is extended over the entire trench line. Once satisfied, the backfilling of the trench will be activated. Installing sewer lines is a complex task. It demands careful plan, coordination of teams and constant inspection. v6ns73qpom.