What Is PDR and Its Advantages? – Rochester Magazine

Benefits from the process. Let’s find out more!

PDR is a process which repairs scratches quickly and efficiently and without causing difficulties for your vehicle. Most car owners know about the process. When you use paintless dent elimination, it’s not necessary to paint anything, which ruins the factory paint finish.

The process involves mechanics who utilize special equipment to press to massage, reshape, or reposition the affected area of metal to its original form. The surface won’t get scratched and repaintings are not needed. Only an expert is able complete the work according to plan. PDR typically takes place inside the panel as they take it off. If the dent is very deep, you might have many sessions to repair it before you can get the vehicle fully repaired.

This technique is recommended by a lot of insurance companies, making it worthy of consideration if are required to. If you want to know more about Dent removal that is not painted check out more of the video!