Daily Practices for Elevator Maintenance – Work Flow Management

If you perform maintenance regularly and minimize the risk of malfunctions. Though most preventative maintenance needs to be done by an approved elevator repair company however, there are some ways you can perform well to maintain your elevator well-maintained.

The first step is to clean the tracks of your elevator. The presence of dirt and particles is the single most frequently cited reason that result in service calls. Check the elevator car regularly for any broken light bulbs, damaged handrails or any other issues.

In the second step, make sure the sensors on your door are functioning effectively. If the door is closing, put your arm in its direction and ensure that the doors are pulling back. An elevator user could get seriously hurt when the sensor malfunctions or gets damaged.

You should also make sure that you check your service area each day for any unusual smells and sounds or signs that indicate loss of oil. The space itself must be kept at room temperature that is ventilated and has low to no humidity.

Finally, make sure you check whether the elevator is level. car against the level of the floor on which it sits. It is recommended to contact your service provider if the elevator car does not seem to be level.